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Scoliosis Awareness, Cushions & Pain Relief

I have been running support groups for many years for people with Scoliosis, this includes raising money for Scoliosis Research and making my own products for those with Scoliosis.

Over the past few years I have found sitting in a chair with a hard back to be very uncomfortable, leaving me leaning on my elbows while sat at a table, I am sure many patients with a rib hump will know where I am coming from! Due to these shoulder blade issues I decided to make a cushion using a simple design with beads, however, the cushion is not just any old beaded cushion you can find on the market, the Scoliosis rib hump cushion actually supports the un-even shoulder blade issue while sitting at a table, allowing you to be comfortable and even!

Scoliosis Rib Hump Cushion

Scoliosis Back Cushion: uses a simple design of beads, meaning you can adjust each side of the cushion to suit the needs of your rib hump, whatever the size!

Awareness Wristbands

Scoliosis Wristbands: raising awareness around the World. With the slogan "Speak up for Scoliosis".

Awareness Keyrings

Scoliosis Keyrings: help raise awareness around the World. With the slogan "Curves with Character.

Simone and Peter Lanyards

Scoliosis Lanyards: awareness are bright, colourful and robust.

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