Scoliosis Rib Hump Cushion Large


The idea behind this design came about due to my own Scoliosis and the issues I have faced during my 31 years post Harrington rod surgery.


My surgery took place in 1989 for a Harrington rod from T4 to L1 and a compression rod from T6 to T10 (I call this my spinal bling!). My surgery went well and despite daily pain issues, I cope very well, except for when I sit in cafe, bar or restaurant chairs! Those hard backed plastic chairs are a killer aren’t they, the pain on the shoulder blades is just too much to bear sometimes!

For years I had complained about going out and commented that I needed a cushion to fill the gap due the shoulder blades being un-even. In 2012 I decided to put my complaint into something positive and came up with my cushion creation to help those who have scoliosis rib humps of all degrees.

My cushion allows you to change each side to suit your body’s measurements and degrees of rib hump, each cushion is made to order and created to suit each individual.

For me personally I have 55% of the beads on my left shoulder blade and 45% on the right, this levels me better when sitting in chairs.
Scoliosis rib hump cushion, Large : 45 x 45 cm.

Sit more comfortably in any chair by adjusting the cushion.

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45 cm


45 cm


Swatch #01, Swatch #05


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